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Not many would think to thank their auditor or the certification body, so we really appreciate these very kind words from our customers. We can say all we want to influence your choice of certification body, but it sounds better when it comes from someone who has experienced the Blue Wolf difference.

Firstly, on behalf of Adam and myself, we would like to thank you both very much for providing us with the support and service during our ISO accreditation and certification process. Your professional and knowledgeable approach and support has been very much appreciated.

Adam Thompson,Managing Director, MechPro Solutions

The experience was overwhelmingly really good. I thought we were ready but there were some lightbulb moments. It was a logical process. The auditor was patient. We wanted the certification for areas of opportunity and we had many recommendations. I appreciated the audit. I haven't heard anything negative out of the process to date. It's been good.

Tracey Costin, Affordable Staff

“One of the greatest things that initially sold me on BLUE WOLF was your approach towards partnering, understanding, and treating us with respect towards where we are at in compliance with the standard.“ “I was nervous about it until we spoke on the phone in the premeeting. Once you started talking about your approach and your process I was sold. But to see it in real life and to see it actually come true was even more (…)” After his first day of the audit: “I’ve been through so many audits you can’t even count. Your approach is by far superior than any other audit I’ve ever been through. The contrast was night and day. I’ve got some younger people who don’t have quite the same experience as I do, and their ability to feel like they could be participatory, have value and be respected throughout the process was outstanding. I have not made a better choice in picking a company to work with us in an audit process prior to you. You’re going to be here every year if I can help it. And if ownership changes and they want to do something different, I’ll fight to keep this process going because it has so much value.”

Joseph Shushok, Imerys / Calderys / Harbison Walker

The audit process allowed us to reflect on our operations and values as a company. It was like holding up a mirror to our organization, enabling us to see where we excelled and where we could improve. This commitment to self-assessment and continuous improvement is becoming more strongly ingrained in our company culture.

Our strong safety culture was reaffirmed during the audit. It was heartening to see our safety practices acknowledged and validated by the auditors. This not only boosted our employees' confidence in our safety protocols but also highlighted our dedication to their well-being.

Moreover, the audit experience with Blue Wolf Certs provided an opportunity for leadership and career development within our organization. Team members involved in the audit preparations and execution gained valuable skills and insights, which has had a positive ripple effect on their professional growth and our overall leadership pipeline.

As a values-based company, the audit served as a reminder of our commitment to ethical, responsible, and best-in-class business practices. It reinforced our belief that aligning our operations with these values is not just a box to check but a core part of who we are as a company.

Ultimately, the ISO 9001 audit was a journey of self-discovery and improvement. It highlighted our strengths and identified areas for growth. It was a testament to our dedication to customer satisfaction, quality, and continuous enhancement in all facets of our business. It was a great deal of work to “get here”, but now the real work is just getting started!

Paul Elia, Vice President of Operations, Speedrack Products Group LTD.

After a lot of research and careful review of our options we chose to work with Blue Wolf, and we know now that we made the right decision. It's been a great process, and I would recommend to anyone that is considering ISO 9001 to at least have a conversation with them. I don't think you would regret it at all. At the very beginning of this process, I think we can safely say we were very nervous about it and apprehensive about doing it. After our auditor Seth Shea arrived, we realized again what a great decision we made. He's made this process way much easier than we thought it might be, not as scary. And the insight he's given us, and the observations and suggestions has been one of the most... really one of the best business decisions I think we've made in the entire time we've been here in the company.

Gary Gestring,Founder, Art Advertising

I would like to take the time to commend your company and Seth especially. Our recent experience with Blue Wolf Certs during our ISO audit was a completely different experience than what we have experienced in the past with other companies. Seth’s audit was 100% a value add to our company. His findings were spot on. There were apparent holes in our processes he was able to identify, and we were able to make significant changes during the audit process to immediately fix the processes. We also implemented checks and balances based off suggestions he made throughout the audit to help monitor and double check our processes. He was open and honest throughout the entire process. I am certain that we have found a partnership that will help strengthen our company in the years to come. I look forward to working with your company and Seth in the future as your team helps to strengthen our company.

Nicholas Campbell, Operations Manager, Bo/Gar Enterprises, Inc.

I've never been involved in auditing before. Completely new. Was not sure what to expect. The process was seamless. There were some good recommendations. I was made to feel comfortable. The process worked quite well. I'm feeling more than ready for the next audit. There was so much going on at the time of the audit that I just wanted to go back to the audit, it was more relaxing.

Eva Judge, Affordable Staff

I’ve never been a part of one of these. I have learned absolutely so much. It was a privilege to be a part of this. I don’t ever want to experience an audit a different way.

Jama Morrison, Imerys / Calderys / Harbison Walker

If everybody could have an audit experience like this, more and more people would actually consider an ISO certification. Because so many people hear so many things about it, stressful myths, and everyone has a bad auditor experience from somewhere else. If more people could experience an audit this way, they wouldn’t have any reason to fear ISO.

Milo Fruk, National EMS Director, CHS Broadbent

I’ve seen some really bad crap auditors. Even I learned a whole lot from what we just went through with Seth that I didn’t even understand about the standard before.

Nick Maes, Operations Manager, Automated Wellhead

When we first started the process of looking at the standard, we were afraid we would have to force our company into a new way of doing almost everything in doing our business. And we were very pleased to find out that the standard was meant to fit how we already were doing things. And Blue Wolf and Seth really helped us in the audit to not feel so intimidated by it, but to understand it, yes that the way we are doing it does fit the standard, and instead of just criticizing where we were coming short, he gave us advice and suggestions on how the standard is actually meant to be used, to improve how we are doing things, not to force us into a certain way of somebody else doing it. Our experience has been that this process in working with the auditors has shown us more ways to improve internally than what we expected, and we would recommend going through this for anybody that's considering it.

Stacy Gestring,Founder, Art Advertising

"Blue Wolf has been great with providing us with clarity and direction so that our team can focus on the important aspects of our quality and safety management systems. What seemed like a very intimidating process to achieve ISO accreditation was made simple by Blue Wolf and their team. Their knowledge and our processes have added value and elevated our quality and safety program to another level. Thank you, Seth Shea, and the Blue Wolf team for a wonderful ongoing experience."

Cynthia Sayer, Safety Administrator, Clark Bros, Inc.

"Streamlined. Easy to communicate, easy to talk to. Relaxed, didn't feel pressured. Recommended for future ISO projects."

Andrew Sayer, Inks Production Engineer, NovaCentrix

"We completed our audit today with 1 minor non-conformance and 2 observations. I would highly recommend Blue Wolf certifications to anyone else your company is working with. Our auditor was so personable, made the audit process as relaxed and comfortable as possible, made our staff feel comfortable talking to him, and he was very thorough in his findings. He makes you feel like you are working together, which is HUGE and really rare in a company/auditor relationship."

Kerry Ashby, Senior Director, PEO/HR + Payroll Operations, Choice Employer Solutions, Inc.

"It’s a very great experience. She (Tanya) helped me a lot and she explained a lot. If there is something that we might need to improve on, she will explain in a very detailed way. It’s a very smooth and very clear process. Definitely recommended."

Timothy Zeng, CEO, HQS Automotive.

"We were very happy with the service, and I would definitely recommend them for anybody who is looking to gain ISO accreditation. The auditor was very knowledgeable, very understanding, very helpful. It wasn’t just a scrutiny of your documentation and processes, it was actually a helpful process, constructive in the feedback that was given. The auditor was very professional throughout the whole process. Very punctual, always on time, ready to go. Was again open and honest about the whole process, so myself and business partner knew exactly what to expect for each day for each part of the process. Yes, I would recommend Blue Wolf. They were very professional throughout the whole process. The auditors were very knowledgeable and helpful and made the whole process of the ISO external audit very easy and comfortable, and we would definitely recommend for anyone looking to gain ISO accreditation."

Joe Collins, Founder, Elite Wind.

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