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Who are We?

Blue Wolf Certifications is a business partner to various accredited certification bodies. To put it another way, we are one of their auditors, a regional office of the certification body. You’ll notice that we have a separate business name, business, email address and website to the certification body that we are business partners with. This may create questions you weren't expecting to ask, so we have an FAQ section below that we will keep updating as more questions are asked. Please absolutely give us a call or call the certification body themselves to confirm if you are still unsure.

You’re probably wondering why you would choose Blue Wolf for your ISO certifications?

We’ll answer your question with another question:

Do you like awkward and stressful audits? Our auditors are specifically picked for their wide understanding of the ISO management system standards and their customer focus. You’ll find with many certification bodies, the second selection criteria is not much of a priority, but to us, it is what defines us. We want you to enjoy and love your ISO certification (yes, enjoy and love, we said it). We understand that there are over a thousand certification bodies you could have chosen instead of going through Blue Wolf, but we are different. We actually want you to look forward to your certification audit. You’re probably asking yourself if that’s even possible, but over and over again we are finding clients enjoy their audits. One of our clients even mentioned “I just wanted to go back to the audit, it was more relaxing”.

But don’t feel too relaxed. We are professional auditors (as you will see from the feedback we receive from clients). By no means is it easy to get certified via Blue Wolf. We actually care and want you to legitimately meet the requirements of the standards. If we don’t do that, you will always feel noncompliant, and will not receive the benefits of meeting a world-class standard. And who wants to have a certificate that you know is meaningless? If we continue to allow nonconformances, then nothing will change. So no, not easy audits, but because we understand the standard and care about you, you might find us more customer focused and less stressful.

What Do We Provide?

We specialize in audits. Our aim is to ensure your ISO certification journey is seamless. Our experts guide you to achieve 100% compliance in the most convenient way possible. You can hire us for the following -

  • Consultation
  • Gap analysis and Gap filling
  • Internal Audit
  • Readiness review

Based on the current condition of your system, you can choose the type of facility you require. We are available for customization as well.

What is Our Mission?

Our mission is to make our clients’ certification journey easier and faster. With our customer-centric approach, we want to meet every need of our clients who want to achieve ISO standards. From consultation to gap detection, our audit team wants to cover every crucial stage with perfection for you. Our aim is to enable every company to perform efficiently and meet its objectives in the long run. We believe with the right system optimization and support, every company can attain their customers’ satisfaction level.

You can look through the website to find various client testimonials, and we love them all, but for the purpose of introducing who we are to you, we would like to highlight the following, as these define us and we want all of our clients to experience perhaps the best audit you may have ever been through:

  • streamlined. Easy to communicate, easy to talk to. Relaxed…

  • Our auditor was so personable, made the audit process as relaxed and comfortable as possible…

  • What seemed like a very intimidating process to achieve ISO accreditation was made simple by Blue Wolf and their team…

  • If everybody could have an audit experience like this, more and more people would actually consider an ISO certification…

  • I have learned absolutely so much. It was a privilege to be a part of this…

  • Your approach is by far superior than any other audit I’ve been through. The contrast was night and day…

  • The process was seamless… I was made to feel comfortable…

  • The experience was overwhelmingly really good…

And if you decided you wanted to go with someone else and you regret that decision, feel free to come back to us, we’ll take great care of you, it will be our privilege to work with you.

Essential FAQs

What regions can Blue Wolf service for ISO certifications?

USA and Australia. If one of your offices is outside of these regions, we will also be able to audit them under the same audit.

Are we actually dealing with the real certification body?

We are essentially one of their contractors and it’s a little more common than you might think.

Why do certification bodies have business partners?

It’s a way of growing their business in different regions

Are certification audits from business partners or contractors to certification bodies legitimate?

Yes, the business partner transacts business for the certification body on their behalf, using their policies, procedures, methods and documentation, and most importantly, their accredited certificates.

More FAQs

Does the business partner provide certification?

The certification body we are business partner with issues the certification. The business partner is not authorized to provide certification, the business partner performs audits and recommends for certification if the auditee meets the requirements of the standard.

Should I just work with the certification body head office rather than the business partner in my region?

You’re free to try if you want to. Certification bodies will refer business that comes to them directly back to the business partner for your region. It’s okay to call the certification body head office to see if the business partner is real and legitimate though.

Which certification bodies are Blue Wolf partnered with?

The certification bodies we use may change as time goes by. We work with certification bodies that support our way of auditing, are good to work with, and who issue certifications quickly. They also need to be accredited to the ISO programs that our clients need. Give us a call and we will happily share who the certification bodies are. When we provide a quote for ISO certification, we will select the certification body that will best meet your needs, and issue your quote with their logo. In addition, some of the certification bodies we partner with will add your company name and details to their website so that your clients can confirm that you are certified.

What if this is a scam and my certification is not legitimate?

That is such an important question. You spend a lot of money and time to get legitimate ISO certifications, so why would you want to pay that to a scam operator? As was mentioned above, you may call or email the certification body head office directly from the number on their website to confirm. In addition, certification bodies typically provide business partners with a business partner certificate that provides the name of the business partner, this can be provided to you on request.

How do I know if my certification body is accredited?

The same goes with all certification bodies, you can simply look on the relevant accreditation body’s website for the certification body in question. You will find such things as names, addresses, standards and scope of the various standards the certification body is accredited to. There are currently 83 recognized management systems accreditation bodies throughout the world including accreditation bodies from USA, Australia, Japan, UK, Singapore, and more. See the full list of accredited certification bodies here: Recognised ABs – IAF

Wait, who audits Blue Wolf?

All certification bodies are assessed by their accreditation body through witness audits, similar to your own certification audit. As part of accreditation, certification bodies pay the accreditation body for witness audits, which essentially means that the accreditation assessor will be a silent observer at selected certification audits. Indeed, Blue Wolf certifications is under the same obligation and will have to undergo witness audits accordingly.

Will it be a mark against me to check if my certification is legitimate?

You are totally welcome and at liberty to question the legitimacy of the certification audit. It is your money and reputation on the line. To check, you can go to the IAF website Recognised ABs – IAF and find the accreditation body that the certification body claims to be accredited by. Then you will click on the link to that accreditation body’s website. Then you’ll search for accredited organizations. If your accredited organization is listed, without any restrictions, then you can be assured that that certification body is accredited. You’ll notice that some accreditation bodies even post the accreditation certificate.

Should I be certified through a certification body that is accredited to my region’s accreditation body?

It is not necessary. All accredited certification bodies underneath the IAF (International Accreditation Forum) have equal status. That means if your accreditation body comes from the UK and the certification body has its main office in the USA, but you live in Singapore, your certification has equal status to a Singaporean certification body accredited to the Singapore Accreditation Council. There is a lot of information out there to confirm this, but the IAF website is the most legitimate way to get answers to this question. From their FAQs site: FAQ – IAF (FAQ > About IAF > What is the role of IAF

IAF is a global network of accreditation bodies and other organisations involved in conformity assessment activities. Its key roles include:

  • to maintain and expand the IAF Multilateral Recognition Arrangement (MLA), between Accreditation Body Members, with the aim of reducing risk to businesses and their customers and ensuring that an accredited certificate or validation/verification statement may be relied upon anywhere in the world;
  • to develop and harmonize accreditation practices across the world; and
  • to promote accreditation as an effective mechanism for providing confidence in goods and services, which is essential to global trade facilitation.
You can clearly see, and you are free to check anywhere else, that certifications from certification bodies that are accredited by accreditation bodies that are signatories to the IAF are legitimate and of equal status worldwide (that was a mouthful, but if you read it slowly it will make sense 😊)
How many certification bodies are there?

You’ll notice by looking through the various accreditation bodies on the IAF (International Accreditation Forum) website that many of the accreditation bodies accredit numerous certification bodies, in some cases over 60 accreditations. Currently the count for management system certification bodies is 1,314 and counting.

Should I just choose one of the larger certification bodies?

The choice is absolutely all yours to make. All accredited certification bodies have equal status as has been mentioned on this page. Perhaps it is best to get a quote from different certification bodies to compare prices. Perhaps more importantly, because you want to be treated like a human, you should talk with the certification body and even talk with your auditor before you sign the agreement to help determine what kind of experience you might have. Choosing the right certification body for you may be perhaps one of the most important decisions you make on your ISO certification journey. The wrong choice can negatively impact all the good you were trying to get out of certification.

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