ISO 22301: 2019

Business Continuity Management System

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What is ISO 22301?

ISO 22301 is the global standard for business continuity management systems. It provides a standard for creating an efficient protocol for safeguarding companies from unwanted situations. The system helps to recognize potential threats and take precautionary actions accordingly. Every business organization is vulnerable to unknown and unpredictable dangers. Natural calamities, technical or power hazards, terrorism, and fire are some of the most lethal situations a company can face anytime. ISO 22301 offers a helpful set of guidelines to help prevent adverse situations in advance or prepare to take an effective course of action when disruptions strike.

The standard was originally developed in the year 2012 and later went through a revision in the year 2019. The present version of the accreditation focuses on problems like cyber risks and biohazards. The main objective of ISO 22301 is to support an organization in achieving sustainable business growth by promoting proactivity among stakeholders.

What are the key benefits of achieving ISO 22301?

Primarily known for providing a concrete structure for maintaining business continuity, ISO 22301 is a comprehensive standard offering the following advantages:

  • Standardized guidance helps to combat unpredictable situations and minimize adverse impacts. The structure of the standard is based on the “plan, do, check, and act” cycle, the same as other management system standards, designed to maintain business operations even in adverse situations.
  • The standard helps management determine how to take responsibility for business continuity, promoting proactivity and accountability.
  • It helps to focus more on risk assessment and management.
  • The standard fosters continual improvement as it provides a framework for ongoing monitoring and management reviews.
  • Greater confidence in the face of inevitable times of disruption.
  • Offers customers greater confidence dealing with your company.
  • The risk management protocol generates awareness of types of risk that could affect the company and ways of responding or controlling risk to better ensure business continuity.
  • With effective controls for business continuity, your company to strengthen its brand image and establish a loyal customers.

What Are The Main Requirements For ISO 22301?

The standard follows the Annex SL structure to group the key requirements, which include scope, context, leadership, planning, support, operation, performance evaluation and improvement amongst other groupings. ISO 22301 includes:

Business continuity : A stringent system to make an organization more resilient towards unwanted dangers. A properly designed systematic business continuity protocol to recognize and prevent probable risk factors is the main requirement for ISO 22301.

Management accountability : Proactiveness, awareness, and a strong sense of responsibility amongst management are key to the success of a business continuity management system.

Resource Management : Organizations need to ensure there are adequate resources to support the business continuity plans, the development and support of the management system and the costs of certification.

Monitoring and continuous improvement : There should be a systematic approach towards monitoring and reviewing the system and the operations for continual improvement and business growth.

Certification Process

The certification process is as follows:

Commit: A trusted certification body is chosen, engaged, and an audit date is set.

Pre-assessment: If clients wish, an assessment before the stage 1 and 2 audits is performed.

Stage 1 Audit: The management system and documentation are reviewed to ensure everything is in place for the stage 2 audit, including determining whether internal audit and the management review have been performed. An audit report is prepared and issued by the auditor for review. If everything looks good, the auditor confirms the stage 2 audit.

Stage 2 Audit: After addressing any concerns or opportunities for improvement from the stage 1 audit, the stage 2 audit is conducted by the auditor. The auditor checks that the management system is implemented and is compliant with ISO 22301. If there are any non-conformities, these are shared by the auditor. Once non-conformities are addressed and the auditor can confirm that the standard is being met, the auditor recommends the company for certification.

Issuing the certification: With the successful completion of the two stages of audits, the certification body issues the certification.

Surveillance Audits: Every certification lasts for 3 years. The certification body organizes annual audit programs to ensure ongoing compliance.

Why Should You use Blue Wolf as your ISO certification body?

Blue Wolf is a business associate of various accredited certification bodies. We are customer focused, and a reliable, friendly and helpful auditing body that makes your certification journey simpler and more effective for your company.
We offer stage 1 and stage 2 audits before issuing your system for certification and provide continual support and surveillance audits to check for 100% ongoing compliance after you achieve the certification.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is ISO 22301?
ISO 22301 is the global standard for business continuity management. It was published by the international organization for standardization (ISO). The standard aims to help companies regardless of their size and type in identifying, controlling and responding to expected, unexpected and disruptive situations. The standard supports a company in preparing and protecting itself from adverse consequences and possible threats in the future. In this way, ISO 22301 promotes business continuity and the long-term progress of an organization.
2. What is the current version of ISO 22301?
The current version of ISO 22301 is ISO 22301:2019. The standard was originally founded in the year 2012 with the intent of helping businesses take preventive measures to reduce the likelihood of disruptive situations and have response plans. The current version focuses on protocols to combat different emerging issues.
3. What are the benefits of getting ISO 22301 certification?
● It helps to minimize the likelihood of adverse and unwanted situations having a devastating impaction on the company.
● It increases the accountability of management and the workforce.
● It supports an organization in its efforts to continually develop and improve.
● It helps to improve crisis management techniques and promotes flexibility.
4. How many days does it take to acquire ISO 22301 certification for my company?
It depends on the type and size of your company. Generally, it takes up to six months and in some cases a year or more to get ready for ISO certification.
Audit days are determined from other standards and industry mandatory documents. Factors that increase or decrease the number of audit days include the number of personnel, the level of risk, the type of industry your organization belongs to, and consideration of various factors (simplifications or complications) that help to understand the complexity or your organization. All of this to ensure there is adequate audit time for your auditor to determine compliance to ISO 22301.
5. How many rounds of audits are conducted before issuing the ISO 22301 certificate?
Two rounds of audits are organized to confirm the compliance of the system and your company before issuing the certificate.

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